A more equitable and enduring philanthropic investment.

Philanthropy is a centerpiece of our civic ecosystem that urgently needs to be reconfigured and redirected.

That is why Thriving Cities Group works to equip philanthropic investors with strategies and tools necessary for effective, equitable, and enduring community investment.


What is RoundTable?

RoundTable is not just a tool for problem solving, but a platform for connecting problem solvers. 


It is able to do this by braiding together three important aspects within a community.


Community Intelligence

RoundTable uses neighborhood-level indicator data to assess the state of your city—highlighting areas of strength and weakness through geospatial mapping.


Community Connection

The platform also stores detailed non-profit profiles so you can know who is working to address your city’s most critical issues, and how they are doing it.


Community Capacity

RoundTable also equips non-profits and donors with extensive coaching frameworks and customized donor reports. The result? Transformational stories about the work being done in your community and the lived experiences of residents.

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