RVA Thrives Leadership

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RVA Thrives Steering Committee

The RVA Thrives Steering Committee is a neighbor-led committee made up of leaders from neighborhoods, businesses, and nonprofits along the Jefferson Davis Corridor. They review survey findings, scope issues, form working groups and set the direction of RVA Thrives.

2019 Membership:

  • Darren Prince

  • John Gregory

  • Bob Argabright

  • Amelia Lightner

  • Rodney Gaines

  • Louise McQueen

  • Sean Crippen

  • Patrice Shelton

  • Barabara Goode

RVA Thrives Staff

Community Advocates

Deborah Keys, and Rodney Gaines

Community Engagement Director

Lea Whitehurst-Gibson, lwhitehurst@thrivingcitiesgroup.com

Community Engagement Assistant

Elaine Williams, ewilliams@thrivingcitiesgroup.com

Strategic partnerships director

Bekah Kendrick, rholbrook@thrivingcitiesgroup.com