Whatever a city values most is where it will direct the most resources.

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$309 billion is spent annually in the U.S. on philanthropy

Philanthropy is a centerpiece of our civic ecosystem that urgently needs to be reconfigured and redirected.

3 out of 4 humans will live in urban environments by 2050

Cities have become ground zero for working out the prospects of human thriving in our time. 


That is why Thriving Cities Group works to equip philanthropic investors with strategies and tools necessary for effective, equitable, and enduring community investment.

Redirecting money to better serve communities is a crucial part of Thriving Cities Group’s broader work to strengthen civic ecosystemsWe work to help every city-stakeholder reimagine how they can contribute to the thriving of their communities and equip them to make a lasting impact in the midst of contemporary complexities and challenges.


The Promise of America's Underdog Cities

Watch this TEDx Talk with our President, Joshua Yates: